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Looking After the Skin You’re In!!

Looking After the Skin You’re In!!

Sensitive, supple, and strong all at the same time, the skin is a living wonder, so we need to ensure we look after it in all seasons.

The health of our skin depends on:

  • Our ‘Lifestyle’ habits – what we eat and drink, exercise, and rest. 
  • External environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and sunshine.
  • Chemicals that we may come into contact with when using body care products, laundry detergents, and other cleaners.

Thinking naturally about skin

Our bodies are naturally very good at keeping the many parts working and coordinated.

Just look at how we heal a cut in our skin, digest our food, circulate our blood, and read this all at the same time!

Supporting the health of our skin is easier when we work in cooperation with the body’s functions, which often means keeping it simple by using fewer products, and minimising or removing products with synthetic chemicals and fragrances.

Essential oils and your skin

  • Always keep in mind that anything you put on your skin can get into your body.
    Skin is great at absorbing fats and oils and is naturally able to absorb essential oils and other carrier oils & butters, such as jojoba, shea butter, coconut oil, and the oils that make up creams and lotions.
  • When you dilute essential oils in a carrier oil, aloe vera gel, or butter, you protect your skin from damage or irritation.
    Just because something comes from a plant, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically great for your skin—remember poison ivy?

Essential oils are very concentrated plant products that offer tremendous benefits to the skin when correctly diluted in carrier oils.

  • Natural and simple works.
    Pure, simple, natural plant oils, butters, and waxes don’t interfere with the chemistry of your skin the way synthetically derived ingredients do.

By using natural carriers for essential oils, you support your skin’s health and avoid absorbing harmful synthetic chemicals into your body.


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